Women’s fashion and festival cannes 2014

Cara Delevingne, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Natasha Poly

Cara Delevingne, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Natasha Poly

Festival cannes 2014: In spite of the fact that Cannes — the city which is annually accepting a film festival, number of the top models who have visited the Azure coast this year reads off scale. The model landing in the person of Cara Delevingne, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Natasha Poly walked the best couture dresses, jewelry on Kruazett Embankment and advertized the cosmetic brands which ambassadors of the girl are. Continue reading

Crash: the best spring and summer trends in new shooting of a brand of Opening Ceremony

The creative spring and summer trends concept of realization of the next fashion-shooting offered Opening Ceremony brand. Shooting received the name Crash. Breaking stereotypes, the creative team represented by group of stylists and photographers suggested to photograph models the sleeping. Judging by result, the concept suggested to look on tired of long hours of shopping of young people. Shootings took place in studio, and the big minimalist bed became a scene of action obviously.

Spring and Summer trends

Spring and Summer trends

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The best evening dresses in images of fashionable bloggers

White evening dress

White evening dress

Spring — a season of constant holidays when there is a wish to look most womanly and it is graceful. In anticipation of March 8 the dress question for romantic evening, a party, a get-together with friends or an office party becomes very actual and essential. Today I suggest to get acquainted with 5 fashionable bloggers who are sincerely in love with dresses and other womanly dresses which will ideally look on solemn events. More than 20 festive images on different figures and a purse will help to make a choice and to look simply tremendous this spring! Continue reading

Dresses for women “The Glamour of Italian Fashion”

Dresses for women - Naomi Campbell

Dresses for women – Naomi Campbell

Dresses for women: In Victoria and Albert’s London museum opening of an exposition of the fashionable exhibition “The Glamour of Italian Fashion” covering years of the Italian fashion of the post-war period since 1945 to the last autumn and winter collections of 2014 took place. The exhibition settles down in eight big halls of the museum. Continue reading

Small and famous – small black dress for women

Black color into fashion was brought by Coco Chanel, after all to wear clothes of black color in the first half of the XX century was bad manners. Our Hera of article I was born in 1926.

Coco Chanel Adjusting a Model's Dress

Coco Chanel Adjusting a Model’s Dress

I moved Koko on experiments with black fabric death of her darling Artur Keypl who died in road accident. Many said that Chanel decided to dress all in black, in a sign about the grief.
The black dress for women wasn’t such what we know it now, the original had an underestimated waist, length is lower than a knee (as Chanel read knees ugly part of a female body), semi-open notch, long narrow hoses, it was slightly bolokhonisty and expressly simple. This Koko as though I moved ladies on expression of their identity, having given them a fine background for creativity. Having instantaneous become popular, the dress received the nickname “La Ford”. Also, it was very democratic at the price, it was able to afford as well as very rich lady, and the representative of middle class. Continue reading