Women’s trendy skirts Fall-Winter 2016-2017

Womens trendy skirts Fall-Winter 2016-2017

In spite of the fact that the most part of time the cold period doesn’t please with good weather, the women’s skirt remains an invariable part of female clothes and during an autumn winter time. Any girl in a skirt looks beautifully and is very womanly. Therefore every time fashionable couturiers please us with novelties which will help to emphasize the identity and to create a complete image. Also the season didn’t become fall-winter 2016-2017 trend an exception, new collections of women’s skirts which have been presented to general public on fashion shows. Continue reading

Fashionable women’s skirts spring-summer 2016 main trends

Fashionable women skirts spring-summer 2016 | Carolina HerreraIn an amicable way fashionable women’s skirts surprise spring-summer 2016: photos from displays show a big stylistic variety, even within one collection. The general mood of a podium — nostalgic. Not in sense of heavy melancholy for the past, and more likely a habit to look back, to remember good and to connect this good to all what gives us the present. As a result the actual fabrics laid in a silhouette, characteristic of New onions, with a short waist and the flying hem turn out, for example, (Carolina Herrera, Ralph Lauren, Tomas Maier). Continue reading

Woolen skirts winter 2015 : maxi and pencil for women’s

Woolen skirts for women

Woolen skirts for women

Ahead of women of fashion wait for cool days which demand special approach to formation of the daily clothes. At approach of fall it is necessary to pay attention to woolen fabrics for skirts, dresses and jackets. Silk, the atlas and chiffon should be postponed until approach of the next season of warm days. But also woolen skirts can be very much even attractive and elegantly look both in an official style, and in free onions for carrying out an outdoor recreation and in the city. Continue reading

Women’s skirts spring/summer 2015: on weekdays and holidays

Women's fashionable skirts spring-summer 2015

Women’s fashionable skirts spring-summer 2015

Womens skirts in a floor look very effectively and is womanly. But, in spite of the fact that are almost always present at autumn and winter collections of designers of a maxiskirt, to carry them not really conveniently in the winter. First, they aren’t always combined with the outerwear which is available in clothes, and secondly, the skirt in a floor isn’t really pertinent, when on the street snow or a rain. Continue reading