With what to wear boyfriend style jeans for women in treands

With what to wear boyfriend style jeans for women in treands fall/winterOversize, a masculinity, a unisex – these fashionable words gradually descended from pages of fashionable magazines in street fashion. And, strangely enough, strong were fixed. From now on aim number of one each girl – to learn to look most fashionably and it is womanly in boyfriends, equally successfully mixing these super fashionable trousers and with hairpins lovely to heart, and with volume pullovers. Therefore let’s understand with what it is the most correct to wear boyfriend style jeans.  Continue reading

Women’s jeans for autumn fashion

Womens jeans for autumnWomens jeans for autumn
In the autumn fashion of women’s jeans models, as well as in the major seasonal trends, read the installation on an exclusive, we were asked to enter into everyday images. This, above all, original prints, from simple geometric patterns and colors to the stylized “zebra”, “reptile” or “Leopard”. Watercolor stains or drawing as a uniform – than the original plan will be the better.

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Fashionable women’s jeans in 2014

Womens jeansWomens jeans
On jeans known literally everything.
And, it seems that the new can be found in the collections of the regular season? The answer is simple and complex at the same time: versatile, stylish models, fresh solutions and innovative ideas from the best creators of the world’s fashion trends. So, what they are – women’s jeans in 2014?

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