Fashionable Women’s boots photo in trend fall/winter 2016/17

Fashionable Women's boots in trend fall/winter 2016/17

Fashionable women’s boots in trend fall/winter 2016/17

The main tendency of a season fall / winter of 2016-2017 is convenience of boots foe women’s. Fell unimaginably narrow noses or ultrahigh hairpins into oblivion. Present to modern beauties models in which it is possible without problems for legs to run during the day. At last designers remembered that beauty of the woman depends on her health. Continue reading

With what to wear womens brown boots in trend fall/winter

With what to wear women's brown boots in trend fall/winter 2016/17

If black boots is classics which will look with clothes of any style and color, then to understand with what to wear women’s brown boots, not always the most advanced woman of fashion manages even. At first sight, brown color – simple and quite habitual. But actually it is even more shades of this color, than you can imagine: wheat, red, mustard, khaki, copper and others. Perhaps, any other color of footwear won’t allow to experiment with creation of this or that image so. Continue reading

Fashionable boots for women fall-winter 2016/17

Fashionable boots for women fall-winter 2016-2017

The choice of winter and demi-season footwear of the woman approach much more responsibly, than summer. Sandals and light shoes can be much, and here boots, as a rule, one therefore the main requirements which are imposed to them it is a practicality and safety and if they are still beautiful, it will make them just invaluable. Fashionable boots for women footwear of a season the fall-winter of 2016-2017 provided on displays of eminent designers pleased with a successful combination of style and comfort.

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Women’s boots with a wide calf

Women's boots

Women’s boots

With what boots with a wide calf can put on to the woman. I would tell that problems aren’t present. But! Generally carry them with tight jeans. More rare with leggings. And it is absolutely rare with skirts. They have one important advantage: such boots are similar to pipes, and are called. Their top equally wide in an ankle and at a knee. And it means, what even very nonideal feet can be hidden, so to speak. Continue reading

Women’s winter boots with a wide top and overlap 2015

Womens boots with a wide top

Women’s boots with a wide top

Girls who appreciate convenience in any footwear and a non-standard of model will appreciate a new trend of 2015 – women’s boots with a wide top. Winter boots with a blousing for the first time were shown by Givenchy firm (Givenchy) on fashionable displays of this year. At once numerous remarks which allow to get a season hit at democratic cost began to appear. Continue reading

Fashionable models of women’s winter boots for 2015

Womens boots for winter of 2015

Womens boots for winter of 2015

At a choice of women’s boots for winter of 2015 designers advise to pay attention to a heel of an unusual form: it has to be executed from the most various and fascinating coloring and forms. For this reason in the current season the huge number of variations of a classical hairpin is presented. For example, the model meets cuts on each side. Also models where the heel on color differs from the main part are good or is made of metal. Some designers, it is visible gamblers, found an unusual source of inspiration this time – cards. So be not surprised if you notice similar motives on footwear. One more aspect of this trend are nuts and bolts on a heel tip. Tendencies in use of fashionable details amplify options of use of unusual materials. Continue reading

Fashionable womens boots fall/winter 2014/2015

Fall/winter fashionable women's boots 2014/2015

Fall/winter fashionable women’s boots 2014/2015

The main fashionable tendency of a season fall/winter 2014/2015 – boots for women’s  with a high top. As the statistics shows, such boots became favourite option of women of fashion of the whole world. As soon as the season of fall and winter begins, bloggers immediately publish on the pages photo reviews and photosets of the best boots to a knee or above a knee. The street fashion literally snatches out on the fly all novelties from podiums, relevant to everyday life. We suggest you to get acquainted with creations of the designers presented on weeks of fashion in Milan, London, Paris and New York already today. Collections of fall/winter 2014/2015 admire and cause genuine delight in true judges of beautiful women’s shoes. Continue reading