Fur vests for women warm body and soul

Fashionable fur vests for winter 2015

Fashionable fur vests for winter 2015

Designers suggest to forget for the period of fall and winter about fur coats, a coat, jackets and sheepskin coats. A trend of the current season are fashionable fur vests which heat not only a body, but also soul of any woman as all allow to feel luxury of natural fur and to feel the real amazon in the city jungle. It seems, this subject of clothes will never get out of fashion! Continue reading

Women’s fashionable jackets fall/winter 2014/2015

Womens winter jackets

Women’s winter jackets

Today we will talk about such wonderful subject of clothes as a women’s winter jackets. It is difficult to imagine the person who would have no at least one women’s winter jacket for an autumn and winter season: jackets are worn by men, women, children and teenagers. Thanks to the length the jacket doesn’t constrain movements and will allow the person to adapt for fast rate of life. But not each jacket is worthy to take a place of honor in clothes of the modern woman of fashion. Now we will consider the most fashionable, most stylish and beautiful jackets of a season fall/winter 2014/2015. Continue reading