Summer Skirt

Season of skirts maxi – summer trends

Having begun victorious procession along fashionable podiums a few years ago, length “Maxi” in this season applies for a classics rank.

]Summer SkirtSummer Skirt
First of all, it became an integral part of a city daily image.  This summer skirts, ability to combine in one dress of a thing of different styles is considered especially actual manifestation of good taste.  Therefore models length “maxi” appeared in the most various embodiments:  from strict classical silhouettes, to variations on bohemian “Bokho”.

Summer Skirt Summer Skirt
Unites stylistic decisions one – absolutely natural materials used at tailoring. Really, the summer completely rejects synthetics – for the sake of comfort and thanks to a fashionable tendency on natural fabrics. Fine flax, cotton and silk in the most different options – the best embodiment not only for long summer skirts , but also for any other models.
Summer SkirtSummer Skirt
Natural materials are easily rumpled, but it doesn’t contradict fashionable canons, especially as easy “izmyatost” in the form of effect “Kresh” – absolutely actual summer tendency.
Summer SkirtSummer Skirt
Skirts-maxi look is very womanly in the summer. The easy, flying silhouette, klesheny hem, effects of accordion pleats and гофре – so looks the model answering to the most fashionable canons of this summer.
Summer SkirtSummer Skirt
This summer the reception which has been almost forgotten in recent years which as makes the contribution to feminity of an image returned to fashion. It is finishing by flounces and ruches – it is romantic, elegant and extremely fashionable.

Successful combinations with long skirts of summer are presented on a photo here.

Skirts of summerSkirts of summer
“Maxi” designers offer length and for an exit to a beach. Translucent models with the smell, decked by bright drawings, in east or abstract style – one of key dresses of beach fashion.