Hairstyles Autumn-Winter 2014-2015

Hairstyles Autumn-Winter 2014-2015. Photo 9 better options

Hairstyles Autumn-Winter 2014-2015

Hairstyles Autumn-Winter 2014-2015

Hairstyles for women – one of the main jewelry of the person. Correctly picked up option can change to unrecognizability to the best. Long and short hairstyles, weaving, bunches, fragmentary locks, shaven whisky and the color ends are actual. Also you won’t list all opportunities for self-expression. In 2014-2015 some trends are popular:

Option No. 1 – a straight long hair

The classical and universal option on long hair is to dismiss them. Such hairdress requires from most of girls a minimum of efforts. The main thing to pick up the correct leaving and a hairbrush. Natural long locks beautifully stream behind the back. Special wax will help to add gloss. For those whom the nature didn’t award with smooth ringlets, there is a mass of options to change a situation. It is possible to straighten hair at home by means of the iron or in salon. To achieve long effect, and also to treat structure, in power to keratin straightening. The hairdress rushes on slanting or a parting in the middle. Topshop, Burberry, Nina Ricci, Miu Miu and other brands are inclined to simplicity.

hairstyles: Straight long hair for women

hairstyles: Straight long hair for women

Option No. 2 – soft hair

One more natural hairstyles for women– easy waves. She is popular not the first season and isn’t going to give in. Special hairdresser’s skills for stacking it isn’t required. Womanly ringlets become quickly and simply. Waves perfectly look on any length therefore will suit all. Some to achieve desirable result, it is enough to fall asleep with the wet head, and to be necessary for another the hair dryer or the curling iron. Visually showed an actual trend of Blumarine, Emilio Pucci, Giorgio Armani, Alexander Wang and Dsquared2. Various curls and elastic spirals are also popular. Owners of long hair can twist both all head, and separate locks. Originally the mix from curls of the different size looks.

Soft hair for women

Soft hair for women

Option No. 3 – a horse tail

Girls with hair of average length or below shoulders often collect hair in a tail. It is very convenient, fast and practical hairdress. And complete with an evening make-up and a cocktail dress it looks sexually at all. But in this case the tail shall be long and smooth. Free, a little uncombed style will be suitable for everyday life. Separately It is necessary to tell about a low horse tail which is supplemented by a bandage or a wide hoop. In a womanly way Valentino was inspired. Guido Palau decorated a long plait with black elastic bands which hurt a tail into the equal parts reminding a garland. The Fendi brand experimented with a hairdress, having added it ease and originality. Stylists bound the upper locks and tied a tail one of ringlets. The classical option was supported by Jason Wu and DKNY.

hairstyles for women - a horse tail

hairstyles for women – a horse tail

Option No. 4 – braids

Weaving were firmly fixed in the fashionable industry. Braids hairstyles for women take a leading place among trends of an autumn and winter season. Secret of success in boundless opportunities. About one hundred options allowing to collect beautifully hair, but it not a limit is known. By means of stacking it is possible to achieve playful, naive, sexual, scandalous, reserved and romantic images. For a decor flowers, pastes, tapes, chiffon and silk scarfs are interwoven into hair. The French braid – case of two minutes, but looks incredibly stylishly. Oscar de la Renta gives preference to simplicity and minimalism, and Kenneth Cole experiments, collecting two braids in a cone at a neck. Couple of French braids which are intricately twirled in a magnificent bunch on a nape (Venexiana) will approach evening images. Gentle traditional braids with tapes returned from 90th on displays of Calla, Rachel Zoe, Mara Hoffman, Tia Cibani. One of new trends – a braid on a drawstring from the Creatures of the Wind brand. Stylists took a lock from a temple, threw it on other party, and then weaved with other hair.

Autumn-Winter hairstyles for women - braids

Autumn-Winter hairstyles for women – braids

Option No. 5 – hair negligence

The emphasis on naturalness slips in the majority of images. Some hairstyles for women as if were disheveled by a wind, or the girl simply woke up and went on affairs. The weakened stacking reminding “carrion crows a nest” is actual. It is rather disputable trend which was to the taste not to all, but it takes place in the fall and in the winter 2014. Displays of Pamella Roland and Helmut Lang can prove its existence.
One more tendency – effect of wet hair. Some stylists reach a side, achieving realistic dirt. Such, in my opinion, unpleasant result is created by special means. Wet hair are popular not only in the dismissed type, but also a collected condition. Negligent bunches look too naturally. The skin and the hair dryer with the diffuser will be useful for goal achievement.

Autumn-Winter hairstyles for women - negligence

Autumn-Winter hairstyles for women – negligence

Option No. 6 – the Greek hairstyle

Elegant and womanly Greek hairstyles for women for a long time were late in the fashionable industry. I love this stacking for simplicity and refinement. The Dolce&Gabbana brand approached process with creative mood. Stacking was created not from a straight hair, and the curling ringlets. Various jewelry reminding vintage accessories is capable to add a luster. The fashionable house of Alberta Ferretti added to a collected hairdress flowers, leaves and a bandage from gold coins.

Autumn-Winter hairstyles for women - the Greek hairstyle

Autumn-Winter hairstyles for women – the Greek hairstyle

Option No. 7 – an ultrashort hairstyle

In 2014 there was some fashionable explosion because of short hairstyles. The Hollywood stars it is universal got rid of long locks, choosing playful piks or a bean. hairstyles for women don’t require wearisome leaving or stackings therefore are ideal for those who is constantly occupied with affairs. Piks looks harmoniously on the women possessing soft lines. The model opens the person and gives it feminity. The skin applied on short hair allows to ruffle locks. As a result the naughty and free image turns out. The ringlets combed back look sexually, elegantly and rather strictly.

An ultrashort hairstyle

An ultrashort hairstyle

Option No. 8 – a caret

The classical hairstyles for women isn’t going to leave the fashionable arena. In 2014 any options and modifications are popular. It can be the short models extended a bean caret or hairstyles with a bang. A caret – universal option. During the cold period it is worth giving preference to torn edges and locks needles which exceed the main length. It is possible to consider actual option on the weeks of fashion which passed in Milan. The hairstyle was shown by Nicholas K Fall, J. Mendel and Blugirl. Retrostyle returned. Stacking with a bandage on the head – this hit.

hairstyles for women - caret

hairstyles for women – caret

Option No. 9 – ethnic haircuts

It is rather easy to be allocated in 2014-2015. Stylists this year were inspired by Indians and hippie. It is possible to follow recommendations of the Y-3 or Nicholas K brand in the fall and to decorate a hairdress with wide bandages and feathers. Option quite extravagant and courageous. Stylishly and daily Indian braids look. I often braid them. Jean Paul Gaultier and Anna Sui became interested in freedom-loving hippies. Bright scarfs, flowers and the ringlets painted with powder attract the bewitched all eyes.

Ethnic haircuts

Ethnic haircuts