From what to wear women’s jeans

jeans shirtjeans shirt
Traditionally, women’s jeans style attribute considered casual, but fashion trends are destroying the stereotype. Today, there is no one style that is relevant to everyday fashion in which it had not got accustomed model of denim.

jeans shirtjeans shirt
Fashion gurus recommend in a manner not to mix different methods of decoration. This means that the model with the original prints or finish better be mixed with local color.
Also this season true rule of “three colors”. Color models, especially the bright colors create an elegant image, if you add the two – but no more – the colors by top and shoes.
Women’s jeans need to try acutely fashionable color model “indigo” with classic blouses and jackets – a variant of the combination will lead the trend of this year. Do not stay on a single pair of jeans. This year has presented too many great ideas to limit myself to choose!