Fashionable women Dresses Spring-Summer 2017 trends

Fashionable women Dresses Spring-Summer 2017 trends

If now very few people you surprise with the bared breast of models, then trend multiple layers or the dress which is put on over trousers look is very fresh and it is unusual. Fashionable dresses are far from classics – from now on even in office it is necessary to walk in a dress with lace and frills. That by the beginning of spring you were aware of the last fashionable trends, it is worth understanding already now that to what. Continue reading

From what to wear women boots in trens spring/summer 2017

From what to wear women boots in trens spring-ummer 2017Already several seasons in a row women’s boots strongly take the positions in the list of fashionable tendencies spring summer 2017, but some girls still are afraid to carry them if only not to pass for the maiden of easy behavior. Despite the strongly fixed reputation, “vulgar” women’s boots are actually very democratic and are combined with many objects of clothes. Continue reading

Fashionable women’s skirts spring-summer 2016 main trends

Fashionable women skirts spring-summer 2016 | Carolina HerreraIn an amicable way fashionable women’s skirts surprise spring-summer 2016: photos from displays show a big stylistic variety, even within one collection. The general mood of a podium — nostalgic. Not in sense of heavy melancholy for the past, and more likely a habit to look back, to remember good and to connect this good to all what gives us the present. As a result the actual fabrics laid in a silhouette, characteristic of New onions, with a short waist and the flying hem turn out, for example, (Carolina Herrera, Ralph Lauren, Tomas Maier). Continue reading